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                                                                             MONTHLY BUSINESS AND ECONOMY MAGAZINE
                                                                                          ISSN 2791-8777
                                                                                 Kasım November  2021 / Sayı Number   1

                                                                                        Yayıncı Publ sher
                                                                                    Baykut Medya Baykut Med a

            The business world continues to produce and develop in                 İmt yaz Sah b  Concess ona re
            Kahramanmaraş which is growing and developing city.                          İbrah m Baykut
            The industrialists of Kahramanmaraş, who transfer the
            knowledge and experience of today's economy from the               Genel Yayın Yönetmen  Execut ve Ed tor
            past to future generations experience the happiness of                      Ömer Faruk Kenger
            achieving success in many fields. Ranking 16th in the
            ISO 500 list with 9 companies Kahramanmaraş is                        Yazı İşler  Müdürü Ed tor- n-Ch ef
            Turkey's 17th largest city in terms of economy.
                                                                                          Seval Akçöp
            Ranking 18th in Turkey's Corporate Tax rankings                               Ed tör Ed tor
            Kahramanmaraş also succeeded in being the 14th city
            that contributed the most to the growth of gross                              Sonay Baykut
            domestic product. Breaking the record for the largest                        Tasarım Des gn
            export in its history last month Kahramanmaraş ranks
            17th in the ranking of the provinces with the most                            Karaca
                                                                                    Yayın Kurulu Ed tor al Board
            The industrialists of Kahramanmaraş, who always                               Nuredd n Dal
            attach importance to R&D and innovation, make                                  N yaz  Kara
            investments in various fields such as apparel, steel                          Av. Özkan Muslu
            kitchenware, weaving, agriculture and food, as well as
            the textile sector. It is an inevitable fact that the                        Av. Ahmet Zor
            investment attack will start in the city with the second
            OIZ in Kahramanmaraş and the Organized Industrial
            Zones planned to be established in Elbistan and                         Yayın Türü Publ cat on Type
            Türkoğlu. Businesspeople from Kahramanmaraş, who                    Ulusal Sürel  Yayın  Nat onal Per od cals
            are in constant communication with institutions and
            organizations to solve the problems experienced in the                Yönet m Merkez  Headquarters
            field of labor will continue to contribute to the country's           Yen şeh r Mah. 74018 Sokak No:17/3
            economy as always.
                                                                                   Dulkad roğlu / Kahramanamaraş
            Kahramanmaraş, where you can experience all four                       0543 694 54 02 - 0533 623 02 18
            seasons at the same time, is also at the forefront in             
            terms of historical and cultural richness. When the
            ancient city of Germanicia, one of its greatest legacies, is            Baskı / C lt Pr nt ng/B nd ng
            unearthed, millions of people will inevitably come to the
            city. Kahramanmaraş, which is a tourism city with its               M GRUP Matbaacılık M GROUP Pr nt ng
            plateaus, natural lakes, waterfalls, historical ruins,            Organ ze Sanay  Bölges  8. Cad. No: 7 Kayser
            castles, springs and hot springs, will grow even more             Organ zed Industr al Zone 8. Street No: 7 Kayser
            with the investments to be made in this area.
            Kahramanmaraş, the capital of the Dulkadiroğlu                         Copyr ght c Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.
            Principality, which has hosted many civilizations since                  Copyr ght c  All R ghts Reserved.
            the first periods of history continues to produce the          Ekofull Derg s  Baykut Medya tarafından Türk ye Cumhur yet  yasalarına uygun olarak
            name "Kahraman (it means hero)" as a whole with its           yayımlanmaktadır. Derg   çer ğ , yazılı  z n olmaksızın h çb r şek lde alıntı yapılamaz,
            industrialists, entrepreneurs, politicians and people in             yayınlanamaz. İlanların sorumluğu  lan sah b ne a tt r.
            order to make it an economically large and livable city.       Ekofull Magaz ne  s publ shed by Baykut Med a  n accordance w th the laws of the
                                                                       Republ c of Turkey. The content of the journal cannot be quoted or publ shed  n anyway w thout
                                                                         wr tten perm ss on. The respons b l ty of the advert sements belongs to the advert ser.
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