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                                                                             MONTHLY BUSINESS AND ECONOMY MAGAZINE
                                                                                          ISSN 2791-8777
                                                                                     Ocak January  2022 / Sayı Number   2

            In fact, in the first issue of new publications; It comes                    Yayıncı Publ sher
            out with the content of greeting and welcome like “first
            issue”.                                                                 Baykut Medya Baykut Med a
            We; As the EKOFULL team, we wanted to say                              İmt yaz Sah b  Concess ona re
            THANK YOU in our second issue instead of “we are                             İbrah m Baykut
            determined to come out in all kinds of
            conditions, let's publish our first issue and                       Genel Yayın Yönetmen  Execut ve Ed tor
            prepare ourselves according to the positive and                             Ömer Faruk Kenger
            negative reactions from our readers”.
                                                                                  Yazı İşler  Müdürü Ed tor- n-Ch ef
            Would we run away if we didn't welcome? Of course,
            no! We would try our best to do better in our new                             Seval Akçöp
            issues, with the criticisms of our readers and our friends                    Ed tör Ed tor
            who did not spare their support for us.
                                                                                          Sonay Baykut
            We are really welcomed.
                                                                                         Tasarım Des gn
            The positive reactions we receive will increase our                           Karaca
            enthusiasm, just like the applause for the artist, and will
            guide us to do better in our upcoming issues.                           Yayın Kurulu Ed tor al Board
                                                                                          Nuredd n Dal
            Of course, we won't be spoiled.
                                                                                           N yaz  Kara
            Industrialists are indispensable for a country.
                                                                                         Av. Özkan Muslu
            Our aim is not to advertise. As a matter of fact, our                        Av. Ahmet Zor
            industrialists do not need advertising anyway.

            We aim to try to explain to our people what the Turkish                 Yayın Türü Publ cat on Type
            industrialist can do.
                                                                                Ulusal Sürel  Yayın  Nat onal Per od cals
            We aim to share what we have accomplished from the
            times when even the flag rope was imported to the                      Yönet m Merkez  Headquarters
            present day.                                                         Yen şeh r Mah. 74018 Sokak No:17/3
            It is a well-known fact that our industrialists take the               Dulkad roğlu / Kahramanamaraş
            burden of our state by creating employment with their                  0543 694 54 02 - 0533 623 02 18
            investments, as well as their contribution to the                 
            national economy.
                                                                                    Baskı / C lt Pr nt ng/B nd ng
            What we learned in primary school; We all remember
            the song “There is a village far away, whether we                   M GRUP Matbaacılık M GROUP Pr nt ng
            go or not, that village is our village”.                          Organ ze Sanay  Bölges  8. Cad. No: 7 Kayser

            No matter how far away the village is, if there is a              Organ zed Industr al Zone 8. Street No: 7 Kayser
            smoking chimney even in the farthest village, we will go
            and see and tell our people for what purpose that
            chimney is smoking.                                                    Copyr ght c Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.
                                                                                     Copyr ght c  All R ghts Reserved.
            I say that; As EKOFULL, we will be a bridge to convey         Ekofull Derg s  Baykut Medya tarafından Türk ye Cumhur yet  yasalarına uygun olarak
            the thoughts and opinions of our industrialists.              yayımlanmaktadır. Derg   çer ğ , yazılı  z n olmaksızın h çb r şek lde alıntı yapılamaz,
                                                                                 yayınlanamaz. İlanların sorumluğu  lan sah b ne a tt r.
            Hoping to meet you in our new issue...                         Ekofull Magaz ne  s publ shed by Baykut Med a  n accordance w th the laws of the
                                                                       Republ c of Turkey. The content of the journal cannot be quoted or publ shed  n anyway w thout
                                                                         wr tten perm ss on. The respons b l ty of the advert sements belongs to the advert ser.
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